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My Bio

    I am a NYC girl born in Queens in 19??. Ok, I will tell you that I am sixtysomething and I do think that I am looking pretty good for my age! I had the normal city childhood except for the fact that even when I was 12 or 13 I knew that I had an unreal sexual appetite. It seemed like I was always playing with myself, it just felt soooo good. After high school I soon married the guy who I was dating and moved to Central New Jersey. At that point I repressed my sex drive, raised three sons and lived the normal suburban life.
    Things were not good in marriage and it ended in divorce but not before we had discovered the swing scene. We probably got into it for the wrong reasons but boy was I hooked!
    About a year after the divorce I met my present husband at, believe it or not, a Parents Without Partners dance. We began dating and on our third date I thought it was important to tell him that I had been a swinger. Was I ever floored when he began laughing and told me that he had been in the scene with his first wife! I guess God just knew we were meant for each other and arranged for us to meet. Thank you God !!!!
    For a number of years we didn't participate in swinging as we had lots of real life issues that were preoccupying us. Then we took a vacation to Hedonism II in Jamaica. It was a non-stop party and it rekindled those old desires and when we returned home we went to a local swing club and haven't stopped since. Now that the kids are grown and on their own it is now our time to PARTY, PARTY, PARTY !!!